Custom VMs

Standard Virtual Machines

You can choose a standard virtual machine from the variety of options we have configured to fulfill customer needs.

General Purpose Virtual Machines

If you are looking for a virtual machine just for a general purpose, we have got you covered. We have configuration options that would fulfill your general business needs.

CPU-Optimized Virtual Machines

If you are looking for a virtual machine for intensive tasks, such as graphics, machine learning and video production, we have custom CPU-optimized virtual machines for you that would best suit your business requirements.

Memory-Optimized Virtual machines

If you plan to use a virtual machine for memory intensive activities, such as data processing, our memory-optimized virtual machines would be the best match.

Select the Right Virtual Machine
for Your Business Needs

You can now choose from a variety of Virtual Machines that are optimized as per specific requirements. You can choose VMs for memory-intensive tasks or for data processing – all with different and most suitable configurations.

Key Features of Our Custom VMs
Our Competitive Edge

Dig deeper into what makes us better from the rest of our competitors by exploring the key features of our state-of-the-art virtual machines.

Combination of Performance and Affordability

Our virtual machines are reliable, affordable and offer you the best possible experience in terms of performance.

Optimized VMs for Specific Business Needs

Our Virtual Machines are optimized for your specific business needs. Choose the ones that suit you best.

Share the Specifications with Us

Share the specifications with us, and we can get a custom virtual machine ready for you.

Available Across the Globe

Our virtual machines are accessible globally. You can access them from anywhere in the world.

Application-Optimized Virtual Machines

Get the virtual machines of your choice, and get your apps running in no time.

Affordable Pricing and Easy Plan

We have affordable pricing structures and plans that suit your needs.