Docker Containers and Kubernetes

Million Web Services offers the cloud computing services using the docker container and Kubernetes technologies. Docker is actually a platform that can be used to build, distribute and run docker containers. Docker is one of the greatest innovation in cloud computing technologies because it allows you to virtualize the environments and then run software packages in containers. This is also in line with the micro services architecture that is currently being used across the world to support innovation. Using these docker containers, you can test and run applications within the containers without having any dependencies or consequences for the complete system.

Docker Containers and Kubernetes

Dockers work in isolation and in close coordination with the complete system at the same time. One particular docker has its own libraries as well as configuration files. Proper channels are established for the docker containers to communicate with one another. In other words, docker containers provide you with all the abstractions and virtualization that support software development process.

MWS Docker Containers

With docker containers, it is now easier to create and deploy applications simply by using containers… Read More

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