Educational Institutes

Pakistan has a huge education industry and it is continuously evolving to fulfill the dynamic needs of children. Many steps have been taken to reform the education industry of Pakistan and one such step is the digitization of most essential education processes. Since most of the educational institutions do not know how to cope up with the transformation that is happening at the moment, and nor do they have the expertise to transform themselves.

One of the key things that educational institutes need to realize is the impact and possibilities that Cloud Computing brings. Cloud Computing means total digital transformation for the educational institutions. Using online data and storage systems, educational institutions can equip the students with the data that they can access from anywhere.


Why MWS for Educational Institutes?

Cloud storage systems and Cloud Computing capabilities

MWS PaaS services including Microsoft and other products

Digital storage of documents and all the organizational material

MWS Services For Educational Institutes

Microsoft 365 Server

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Microsoft Outlook Server

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MWS Disaster Recovery

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MWS Microsoft Sharepoint

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MWS Team Foundation Service

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MWS IIS (Internet Information Services)

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Email Servers

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