Email Servers

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Email Servers for Your Communication and Storge Needs

Our email servers offer you the best possible communication management solutions while you focus on core business outcomes.

  • Our email servers are easy to access and easy to set up

  • For enhanced security, our email servers support every kind of antiviruses

  • Our email archives comply to the most fundamental legal requirements

  • You can control your emails at all times

  • We offer quick and reliable server management

  • Our solutions are highly cost-effective and affordable even for start-ups

Email Servers for Your Communication Needs

Our email servers offer you the flexibility to choose from, and you can be rest assured we have got you covered in every major communication aspect fundamentally part of email communication.

Flexible Email Servers Mailbox Sizes

Our mailbox sizes are flexible and you can choose from few hundred MBs to GBs depending upon your needs.

Choose From POP3 and IMAP

You can now choose from POP3 and IMAP depending upon whether you want to store your emails for later or not.

Forward Your Emails

You can now automatically forward your emails and set automated process for email forwarding.

Auto Responses

You can also set up auto responses for the selected emails that you think are most critical for your business.

Email Filtering

Filter your emails and get quick insights about the emails you receive.

Faster Response Time

Get the fastest response time for your emails delivery and do not keep your clients waiting.