Million Web Services Offer the Following IaaS (Infrastructure as a Services) Services


Elastic Sky X Integrated is an advanced virtualization software product that fulfills the enterprise-level computer virtualization requirements… Read More

MWS VMware Solutions

MWS offers you a complete suite of VMware solutions that is most essential to your business continuity needs as well as for the optimal functioning… Read More

MWS Managed Firewall Services

In this age of Big Data, organizations are continuously evolving to meet cybersecurity requirements both for their own security… Read More

MWS Scalable Virtualization Environment

MWS completely understands the value of scalability in cloud computing and all our virtual environments are scalable… Read More

MWS Storage Resiliency

Storage and more specifically cloud storage has become the cornerstone of all modern day businesses… Read More

MWS vSphere Clustering Services

vSphere Clustering services offer you the possibility to optimize your resources and maintain the health during the workloads… Read More

MWS Disaster Recovery

In this advanced technological age, more and more companies are relying on digital means to conduct operations… Read More

MWS Multi-Level Virtualization

Our dynamic cloud solutions especially multi-level virtualization services are primarily aimed at providing you the comfort… Read More