MWS IIS (Internet Information Services)

Internet Information Services is a web server software that can be used with the windows NT family. We offer IIS services specifically for .Net applications. IIS server can be best utilized if you want to host .Net applications as well as static websites that you have built specifically for your own organization. The IIS can also be extended to more advanced features such as you can host web applications on it if these web applications are developed as PHP.

It has its own ASP.NET process engine that can handle ASP.NET requests. Most of the well-established technology companies use IIS for tech stacks. It is also considered a better option because it can handle more requests per second, has better response time and consumes less of your CPU.

The IIS services we offer have the following features:

  It allows you to build custom and specialized servers for your enterprise organization.

  It gives you the best performance and eliminates the memory footprint of the queries for better security.

  It reduces the attack surface area therefore overall enhancing the security of your system.