Jenkins is an automation tool that automates most of the software development processes. It also manages the entire software development and delivery lifecycle by offering you the necessary level of automation and virtualization in development, documentation, staging and deployment. Once you have set up Jenkins, you can then identify changes that have been made in the code and then roll back or roll forward the appropriate changes by integrating the technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.

The main value that Jenkins offers in software development process is the continuous delivery without ever creating development pipeline blockage. In totality, Jenkins improves the overall delivery of the software and provides you with the plugins that you can use to integrate Jenkins with virtually every other cloud platform that you are using. Million Web Services uses Jenkins technology to equip its clients with the most efficient software development tools that are available in the market today. MWS also ensures that all the best practices and industry specifications are being used while using Jenkins.


MWS Jenkins Solutions for Build Management

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