MWS Managed Firewall

In this age of Big Data, organizations are continuously evolving to meet cybersecurity requirements both for their own security as well as for the security of the customers they serve. Many organizations use firewall to manage incoming and outgoing traffic, and this is quite manageable at a small scale. In the case of enterprise institutions, as the operations become more and more complex, it becomes quite difficult to manage firewall, and companies over time consider managing firewalls an overhead.

Our managed firewall services offer you the monitoring and maintenance of firewalls allow you to focus on your key organizational operations. MWS guarantees the continuous operation of your firewall with the maximum efficiency.

Managed Firewall Services

Our Managed Firewall Services include the following:

24 Monitoring
24/7 monitoring for added layer of security
Event Management
Specific event management
Incident Management
Incident management and recovery in case of any security breach
Security Evaluation
Weekly and monthly security evaluations for enhanced protection
Scalable Solutions
Realtime dashboards for data management and executive reporting