MWS On premises Data Center

On-premises storage solutions are considered highly secure because of the physical security of the infrastructure. As enterprises are continuously recognizing the needs for more and more storage capacity, Cloud is becoming more and more important because it allows you to access data from anywhere in the world. Many enterprises develop on-premises data centers instead of getting storage in a third-party datacenter.

This solution is very cost effective but also requires many years of experience in the relevant field. We offer you the consultancy for setting up on-premises datacenter as well as we can set up a custom datacenter for you.

On Premises Data Center

The services we offer you to setup an on-premises datacenter have the following features:

  You can have complete control of your datacenter and modify it in any way you like depending upon your requirements.

  You can expand your datacenter based on increasing workloads.

  Your teammates and IT staff can access it anytime they like.

  On-premises datacenters are highly secure because stringent security measures are implemented.

  You can have access to the entire data without any restrictions.

  It’s highly cost effective.