Million Web Services Offer the Following PaaS (Product as a Service) Services

Windows Server-Based VMs

For any organization to thrive in this competitive IT world, command on the fundamentals of IT infrastructure and how virtualization… Read More

MWS Linux OS

Modern day IT operations are shifting more and more towards virtualization, and cloud-based Operating Systems (OS) are becoming the norm… Read More

MWS Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint gives you a wholistic approach to access all your cloud data through a browser… Read More

MWS Team Foundation Server

Microsoft Team Foundation Server is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate and discuss project essentials… Read More

MWS Server Monitoring and Logs Management

Server monitoring and logs management are consistently becoming some of the key things that an organization… Read More

MWS SQL Server

SQL Server is primarily a relational database server that brings up the data requested by multiple applications… Read More

MWS Master Data Management

One of the key challenges organizations across the globe face is data integration. An organization is necessarily a combination… Read More

MWS Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Intelligence Analytics is part of the data management solutions. It allows organizations to access important data… Read More

MWS Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things is becoming more and more common in the industry as organizations are moving towards automation… Read More

MWS Business Process Management

Enterprises succeed or fail depending upon the seriousness about how well thought out the processes are… Read More

MWS Apache

Apache is an open source web server that shares your content live on the internet. It is one of the most important HTTP clients… Read More

MWS Windows Server R2

Microsoft windows server R2 allows you have cloud platform and a server for your enterprise organization… Read More


Internet Information Services is a web server software that can be used with the windows NT family. We offer IIS services… Read More