Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Small and Medium-sized enterprises are thriving in Pakistan, and the biggest challenge these organizations face is about how to digitally transform the operations of the organization to gain maximum productivity and efficiency. There are multiple solutions that are available in the market and that would help in the overall transformation journey, but these solutions require expertise and years of experience for the best possible implementation. Another challenge small and medium sized enterprises face is that these organizations cannot spend too much revenue on the IT infrastructure because their primary focus is the core business establishment.

Small Medium Enterprise

One of the core focus of Million Web Services is to equip and enable the small and medium-sized organizations to achieve their goals through offering them the most compelling and suitable IT infrastructure that would fulfill their Cloud Computing and storage needs.

Why MWS for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises?

Secure and customized storage solutions for small and medium sized organizations

Compliance to cybersecurity best practices and data safety for your organization

Unlimited data storage solutions that would save your dedicated servers from overloading

Backup for all your organizational data ensuring the you get all your data back in case of any disaster

MWS Services For Small Medium Enterprise

MWS Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint gives you a wholistic approach to access all your cloud data through a browser… Read More

MWS Team Foundation Service

Microsoft Team Foundation Server is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate and discuss project essentials to finish the project at a dedicated time… Read More

MWS Internet of Things

Internet of Things is becoming more and more common in the industry as organizations are moving towards automation… Read More

MWS Business Process Management

Enterprises succeed or fail depending upon the seriousness about how well thought out the processes are and how these processes are constantly implemented… Read More

MWS Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Intelligence Analytics is part of the data management solutions. It allows organizations to access important data that can give insights… Read More

MWS IIS (Internet Information Services)

Internet Information Services is a web server software that can be used with the windows NT family… Read More

MWS Storage Resiliency (SAN storage)

Storage and more specifically cloud storage has become the cornerstone of all modern day businesses… Read More

MWS Managed Firewall

In this age of Big Data, organizations are continuously evolving to meet cybersecurity requirements both for their own security… Read More


Elastic Sky X Integrated is an advanced virtualization software product that fulfills the enterprise-level computer… Read More

MWS Docker Containers

With docker containers, it is now easier to create and deploy applications simply by using containers… Read More

Microsoft Outlook Server

Communication is key to any organization, and what an organization needs above everything else is a secure… Read More

MWS Hybrid Computing

With ongoing increase in data storage demands, organizations are looking for more and more robust ways to efficiently mange data… Read More

MWS Backup Services

With Big Data and constantly flowing data, organizations are more and more concerned about data storage… Read More

MWS On premises Data Center

On-premises storage solutions are considered highly secure because of the physical security of the infrastructure… Read More

Full Rack in a Data Center

Get the best out of a dedicated rack for your business operations and reduce the cost for maintenance and ongoing support… Read More

Lend Partial Space in a Rack

If your specific business needs require a full rack in a data center, MWS has got you covered. On the other hand, if you think you do not require a complete rack… Read More

MWS Machine Hosting in Our Data Center

If you have already set up your machine, and you want it hosted and do not have the capabilities to do so, MWS has got custom solutions for you. You can now host your machine in a rack in our data center… Read More

Lend a Set of Virtual Machines in Our Data Center

If your business requires data center services, and you do not have the expertise and years of experience… Read More

Email Servers

A mail server is the computerized equivalent of your friendly neighborhood mailman. Every email that is sent passes through a series of mail servers… Read More