Start Up’s

Many start-ups are thriving in the Pakistani industry, and Pakistan is going to see a boom in nearly all industries within a couple of years. In this respect, a key distinguishing factor between this most-recent wave of progress and the industrial developments that have been going on in the past is that this latest wave is inspired and guided by technological innovation. People across the world are working on start-ups and most of these start-ups require the most fundamental IT infrastructure to carry out the business operations.

IT industry is a huge industry and it requires decades of experience to establish network and IT infrastructure. With start-ups focusing most their resources and energies on the actual products or services, it almost becomes impossible for them to focus on and spare resources for IT infrastructure.

In this respect, the most promising solution is to get IT services from a third-party that has decades of experience in building the solutions. Million Web Services focuses especially on the startups so that these new businesses can thrive in the most challenging of environments.

Start Up

Why MWS for Start Up’s?

Cloud infrastructure so that you can store all your data on Cloud instead of spending huge amounts of sums on building and establishing your own storage systems

We can setup the most essential infrastructure for your organization and provide you with the most essential IT resources that you need for your organization

You can approach us for industry-leading subject matter experts for any IT-related tasks

MWS Services For Start Up’s

MWS Team Foundation Server

Microsoft Team Foundation Server is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate and discuss project essentials… Read More

MWS Apache

Apache is an open source web server that shares your content live on the internet. It is one of the most important HTTP clients on the web… Read More

MWS Windows Server R2

Microsoft windows server R2 allows you have cloud platform and a server for your enterprise organization… Read More

MWS SQL Server

SQL Server is primarily a relational database server that brings up the data requested by multiple applications… Read More

MWS Master Data Management

One of the key challenges organizations across the globe face is data integration. An organization is necessarily a combination of different departments… Read More

MWS VMware Solutions

MWS offers you a complete suite of VMware solutions that is most essential to your business continuity… Read More

MWS Multi-Level Virtualization

Our dynamic cloud solutions especially multi-level virtualization services are primarily aimed at providing you the comfort… Read More

Microsoft 365 Server

Microsoft 360 offers you a complete suite of services you will ever need to manage your business. It requires Microsoft partnership… Read More

MWS Docker Containers

With docker containers, it is now easier to create and deploy applications simply by using containers… Read More

MWS Git Repository

Data is key to any organization when it comes to planning, approval, and analytics-based decisions. Project management is a very complex field… Read More

MWS Jenkins Solutions for Build Management

Integration of multiple tools and technologies is one of the key challenges organizations face today… Read More

Email Server

A mail server is the computerized equivalent of your friendly neighborhood mailman. Every email that is sent passes through a series of mail servers along its way to its intended recipient… Read More

Full Rack in a Data Center

Get the best out of a dedicated rack for your business operations and reduce the cost for maintenance and ongoing support… Read More

Lend Partial Space in a Rack

If your specific business needs require a full rack in a data center, MWS has got you covered. On the other hand, if you think you do not require a complete rack… Read More

MWS Machine Hosting in Our Data Center

If you have already set up your machine, and you want it hosted and do not have the capabilities to do so, MWS has got custom solutions for you… Read More

Lend a Set of Virtual Machines in Our Data Center

If your business requires data center services, and you do not have the expertise and years of experience… Read More