MWS Team Foundation Service

Microsoft Team Foundation Server is a project management tool that allows teams to collaborate and discuss project essentials to finish the project at a dedicated time. Team Foundation Server has multiple built-in capabilities that include product and project management, requirements management, planning, and reporting. The Team Foundation Server gathers all the teams at one place and equip them with the most essential collaboration tools that are key to the completion of any project.

We offer Team Foundation Server Microsoft Azure based services to enhance the productivity of teams using Cloud for their main channel of storage. We can configure the Team Foundation Server for you to make sure that people have access as per the roles assigned to them.

Team Foundation Server (TFS)

  It allows you to build technical features of an application with mutually agreed upon criteria

  Teams can collaborate and set up acceptance criteria for any project

  You can manage quality assurance and release management activities through team foundation server

  It allows subject matter experts to review the progress and improve performance indicators